…our world is changing


In round figures, digital cameras became a viable replacement for film cameras in 2004.  The first iPhone appeared on the scene in 2007 with higher resolution smart phones beginning to appear in 2010.  These are exciting times.  3D is emerging.  Virtual Reality has arrived.  Camera technology is advancing quickly. One of the exciting questions is “What’s next?”.

The basics remain the same.  Jim likes to think of it as “capturing the moment”.  Our moments are precious.  Many of them deserve to be captured and shared and printed and passed into the future.

Panoramas: …are a passion and a specialty.  Jim has been stitching panoramas since about 2004.  Galleries of his panoramas can be found here.  The best way to order one of these panoramas is to simply contact Jim directly.  Panoramas 12″ X 36″ printed onto beautiful framed aluminum sheets cost as little as approximately $250.


Print Exchanges:  Jim has been participating in Black & White and Color print exchanges since 2004.  These are monthly events.  More information can be found on the Print Exchange page here.
At the Museum of Natural History