…our world is changing


Over the years I’ve made significant attempts to capture and share images.  At the same time the world of photography has been changing:

  • The first significant change was from film media capture to digital capture.
  • The second significant change has been the transition from printed prints to digital display of prints.  I’m not saying that printed prints are gone…I continue to think a printed print is wonderful…but let’s face it…printing is largely a thing of the past.

And then as those significant changes have been happening the systems for storing and sharing online have been changing.  I’ve tried to flow with those changes but am done trying.  There seem to be too many critical/fatal changes that must be navigated.

In spite of my best efforts, I’ve found my online galleries have again devolved.  I seem to be unable to keep up with the changes

Effective 8 December 2020 I have removed my online galleries.

If you need an image that you suspect I have please feel free to contact me.  I have hundreds of thousands of images cataloged in Lightroom and stored on my hard drives and would be happy to work with you.
At the Museum of Natural History