Scissor Lift #1

Scissor Lift #1 is the first in a series of Jim’s Gym automata (kinetic art).  The top level design concept is to design rolling marble machines in the form of gym equipment, with members of Jim’s Gym operating the exercise equipment.

Powered only by hand, the Jim’s Gym member pulls up two handles, which in turn raise a marble to the top of the rolling incline.  The marble, using gravity, then descends to the regulator where it waits for it’s next trip to the top.

This Scissor Lift #1 is not for sale, rather it is gifted to my wife.  It is, however, the prototype for future Scissor Lifts, which will be created and released in a numbered and unlimited fashion.  It is envisioned that fewer than 10 Scissor Lift’s will be created (in the remainder of Jim’s life). 

The Scissor Lift has been fully designed by Jim.  It has taken about 5 months to get the build to this level of maturity.  The Scissor Lift is a pleasure to operate…very smooth.  There are approximately 30 ball bearings in this build, along with other nylon and brass bushings.  Baltic Birch plywood of various thicknesses is the primary build material.

If you have an interest in acquiring a Scissor Lift please contact me. 
Starting @ $3,200.

Scissor Lift #1, a part of the Jim’s Gym kinetic art series

Scissor Lift #1 is available for viewing on YouTube.