Auger Lift #1 is completed. 46.5 hours on the clock. 5 February 2021

James Coffee Studios’ specialties include wooden name tag laser engraving and the creation of automata.

Located in Escondido, California, James Coffee Studios is a small veteran-owned business which is operated by Jim and his wife Cheryl.  Our studio is by appointment only.


Three different groups of automata are being developed by Jim:

  • Jim’s Gym:  these automata feature bipeds operating exercise machines.  The machine’s power ‘marble runs’.
  • Product Spinners: these automata are designed to be used in a retail environment to call attention to certain products (and to thus increase sales).
  • Planet Earth Awareness:  these automata are focused on causing people to think about how we are living on our spaceship.

Automata are Jim’s final creative focus.  All of these machines and devices are intended to create smiles, and perhaps a bit of thoughtful reflection.

Laser Engraving

We have narrowed our laser engraving business to ‘just wooden name tags.  We have a strong base of customers and are not accepting new customers at this time.