James Coffee Studios

(March 23, 2024, Escondido, California)  James Coffee Studios is focused on performance automata.  At this time the performance automata is in the form of a 20-pipe street organ that is festooned with a mini-carnival and musicians. No automata are offered for sale, although commissions are considered.


There is a strong focus on automata at James Coffee Studios. Jim designs and creates automata in his studio.  At this time he is focused on creating ‘performance automata’.


I have photographed intensely in Gold Beach, Oregon, and San Diego, California.  Because technology is changing I no longer provide online image catalogs.  If you have an interest in an image(s) that you think I might have please don’t hesitate to contact me.


James Coffee Studios no longer creates wooden name tags.  We are pleased to refer you to Colorado Heirloom for your laser-engraved wood needs.