COVID-19: a message from Jim and Cheryl

First, let us say that we are sorry for the discomfort that many are experiencing at this time.  This is an unfortunate time in the history of our planet.  We encourage everyone to be optimistic, to use common sense, and to be patient while we confront this virus.

We expect that this battle will last many months.  Cheryl and I are in the fortunate position of working from home.  At this time we don’t anticipate needing anything that won’t be available.  We have been stocking supplies and foodstuffs and feel comfortable and secure.

We look forward to the world returning to ‘normal’, but understand that it will be a ‘new normal’.  The way that it has been will be no more.

We remain open for business.



James Coffee Studios creates automata.

James Coffee Studios specialties include laser engraving and the creation of street organs and automata.

Located in Escondido, California, James Coffee Studios is a small veteran owned business which is operated by Jim and his wife Cheryl.  Our studio is by appointment only.

Street Organs and Automata

In August of 2016 Jim finished constructing his first street organ.  Jim’s second street organ is being constructed at this time.  Additionally Jim is creating automata.  The first automata being created are themed ‘Jim’s Gym’.  These street organs and automata are going to be Jim’s final creative focus.  All of these machines and devices are intended to create smiles, and perhaps a bit of thoughtful reflection.

Laser Engraving

We have narrowed our laser engraving business to ‘just wooden name tags.  We have a strong base of customers and are not accepting new  customers at this time.