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About Automata Magazine
The first issue of Automata Magazine appeared at the beginning of 2019. The publication was started by Marc Horovitz, himself an Automatist. 

Since its inception, the publication has been well-received and has grown steadily in readership. Articles on every aspect of the automata art form have been published, written by well over 100 knowledgeable and experienced authors and artists from around the world.

The Automata Magazine team is enthusiastic and brings you complex information about automata, their construction, history, function, and more.

Automata Magazine presents articles on every aspect of the automata world. Below are some example articles from past issues that you can download or read online. These are just a few of the possible categories.

History example
“The Cleveland Grandma” – May-June 2019 issue.
Automata history goes back a long time. Here’s an article by Tim LaGanke about a vintage arcade automaton.
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Artists example
The discussion of an artist’s inspiration and process is always fascinating. Here’s Tim Douglas’s story.
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Beginner example
Want to learn how to build automata? Automata Magazine has articles for beginners in almost every issue. Here’s a great one by Sarah Reast.
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Mechanisms are what make our automata go, and there are hundreds of them. Paul Spooner describes this ingenious one.
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How-to articles
How-to and construction articles are an excellent way to show how automata go together. Federico Tobon shows how to build a simple automaton in this story.
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Automata Magazine takes you to places of interest to automatists. In this article, David Soulsby visits the automata collection at the Rye Heritage Centre.
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