Misty, a 20 Pipe
Street Organ

Misty, a charming 20 Pipe Senior 20 street organ, was brought to life in 2016 by her devoted builder, who meticulously followed plans from John Smith in London, England. In 2017, Misty embarked on her musical journey, serenading audiences with her delightful tunes.

But Misty wasn’t content with just singing solo. In 2022 and 2023, her builder crafted a whimsical mini carnival to adorn her front, adding a burst of colorful fun to her repertoire. Late 2023 saw the arrival of even more lively friends – charming musician automatons who joined Misty on her musical escapades.

You can usually catch Misty four times a month, weather permitting, spreading joy at her favorite haunts like Kobey’s Swap Meet, the Little Italy Farmers Market, the San Diego Bay waterfront, and Balboa Park. Be sure to wave hello!

Frequently Asked Fun Facts:

  • Built by hand? Absolutely! The organ was built with careful planning, while the mini-carnival is a one-of-a-kind creation from Jim’s imagination. 
  • Master pipemaker? You bet! The organ’s pipes are all handmade, each one crafted with precision for a beautiful sound. 
  • Crank it up! The organ itself is powered by good old-fashioned arm work, while the mini-carnival and musicians are battery-powered. 
  • Party time! Want Misty to liven up your event? We are available for hire for $150 for up to four hours of musical merrymaking, travel included! 
  • Piano rolls? Not her style! Misty’s tunes come on special rolls with just 20 rows of holes, much simpler than a piano’s 88-row version. 
  • Musical mastermind? Not quite! Misty’s builder curates her playlist from the talented tunesmith Melvyn Wright in London. 
  • Bellows galore! Two big, happy bellows keep the air flowing and the music going. They’re the unsung heroes of Misty’s show!  The bellows blow into a Reservoir.  It is the reservoir’s job to store and then deliver air at the proper pressure. 
  • Monkey business? While the suggestion of a live monkey friend makes Misty’s builder chuckle, Jim is perfectly content with his current crew of musical companions.

So, next time you see Misty and her colorful entourage, say hello, listen, and let the music fill your day with joy!


Jim Coffee and Misty, the Street Organ
Misty, a 20 Pipe Street Organ. January 2024.
The airship hovers above the mini carnival. March 2023
Carousel and Ferris Wheel. March 2022.
The Pianist. November 2023
Seal Balancing a Ball. July 2022.