September 13, 2021: Gaslight Steampunk & Maker Festival

Each year in San Diego there is a wonderful steampunk and maker festival which is called the Gaslight Steampunk Expo.  This year the festival is being held September 30-Oct 3, 2021.  I’m pleased to report that not only will I be playing my street organ at the event for a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I’ll also be Automata presentation.  I’m hoping that this presentation will be lively, fun, and action-causing.  Sunday morning at 10 a.m.  Perhaps I’ll see you there.

On the automata front, I’ve been working Bench Press Message Board #1  I’ve got the biped and mechanisms working the way that I want them.  

I recently discovered a program called MeshMixer.  It’s a digital sculpting program that will permit me to design components that are more organic (than I am able to design in FreeCAD).  The head in the image was downloaded and then modified in MeshMixer. I am pleased with the control that MeshMixer gives me over the process and am looking forward to becoming more proficient with it.

I am so sorry to see that vaccination has become a political debate as opposed to simply the practice of good medicine.I frequently think that Golden Retrievers and Automata are better than humans.

This 3D-printed head has been modified with a program called MeshMixer. September 8, 2021.