30 December 2019, Product Spinner

It’s almost the end of the year.

It’s almost the start of another year.

Time is running short.  I’ve got perhaps 20 more years to go…then I’m out of here.  As I write this I’m approaching 75.

As I’ve aged I’ve gotten better with time utilization.  I have many fewer non-essential things and activities in my life.  I am much more focused.  It’s easier getting from A to B because the lines are straighter.  I like to think that I’ve finally become “who I am”…as opposed to being someone who was trying to be.

I have been taking Big Wheel Lift into public with me occasionally and I keep noting that people are very attracted to it.  They stop and study it, and marvel at it…and seem to receive joy from it.

This has gotten me to thinking about how to get my automata into public more often.  I am contemplating what I think of as “Product Spinners” that I rent to stores.  A Product Spinner would be a biped powering some sort of machine, part of which includes a platform perhaps 3″ in diameter that turns.  Product would be placed on the platform.  The Product Spinner automata would sit on a counter top and would be a point of interest, an addition to the ambience, and a conversation opener.  I’m thinking rental in the $30-$50 month range.  We’ll see. 

The image to the right shows the side frames for the drive frame coming to life.  This is the first set of side frames.  I’ll admit that I’ve never had the first set on the final automata…there always seems to be critical improvement that I must make…so I bite the bullet and make new ones (perhaps two or three times).   I like these ‘lattice’ frames, because you can see through them.

I’m a little early…wishing you a Happy New Year!

The side frames for the Drive Frame are taking shape.