Two Tier product spinning automata series

As I share my automata with people they are consistently fascinated.  I decided to create a series of automata that I refer to as product spinners  Little machines that sit on top of a store counter and that showcase items that the shopkeeper would like to highlight.  Automata that earn their keep.  Not for sale…rather…for rent.

How does it move?  This automata is powered by motor only.  Turn it on and the peddler begins peddling and pulling levers which in turn causes two turntables and a pennant to turn.  The two turntables and the pennant rotate at speeds different from each other.

Jim’s Comments:  I like the way that this product spinning automata turned out.  It’s subtle…and yet it is there.  Almost totally quiet it does make a few little noises which in many ways are comforting.  It is my opinion that this little guy will do a wonderful job for someone.

Two Tier product spinning automata nearing completion. 7 May 2020



Dimensions (approx)

Height: 20″
Diameter: 13″
Weight: 5 lbs.


Allow me 3 months to create.


For Rent:

  • 1 month, $90
  • Monthly, $45
  • Yearly. $360




Two Tier product spinner Project Sheet

As I create automata I attempt to update the Project Sheet weekly with narrative and images.  These project sheets are available on my website.  The project sheets give viewers a sense of what I’m working on and how I work.


Two Tier product spinner Disassembly for Paint page.

After an automata has been initially assembled and is functioning it is then disassembled and painted.  This Disassembly for Paint document is important to me.  It helps me to re-assemble, and it helps me remember ‘how I did it’ for future builds.  The document documents with photographs a teardown and then the painted reassembly.  These documents are sometimes 50+ pages long.  The link above will take you to the Disassembly for Paint .pdf, which you may download if you wish.


YouTube Video 

Two Tier product spinning automata being tested before being painted. 3 May 2020.