25 March 2020: Almost ready to assemble
Surfer #1

It’s been seven days…I’ve got most everything created…just the cams and cam followers left.  This project has been coming together well.  I’m enjoying this “two-week challenge” and may position myself such that I do more projects more quickly.

As you can see from this image and the 18 March image I’ve got many components created.  Still to complete are the cams and cam followers.  I could not create these components until I got the table completed.  The cam follower assemblies will hang from the lower side of the top plate.  All of the components have been sanded to 220.

Regarding painting…I will spray paint everything that is contained in the drive frame with camo (a four-color palette).  I’m trying to not paint the surfboard, the surfer, or the hand crank.  I’ve treated the hand crank (made from Myrtlewood) with Watco oil.  I’ve treated the surfers two arms (Poplar) with Watco oil.  I’m pleased with the result and plan to proceed using the Watco oil finish.  The surfer, except the arms, is created from Basswood.  And the surfboard is created from Myrtlewood.

This is the stand for Surfer #1.

18 March 2020: Ready, Set, Go!
Surfer #1

I have been working on Electric Chair #1 for many months.  It’s not done…but I need a break…so I’ve challenged myself to build an automata in two weeks’ time.

I spent about a week thinking about it…decided that I wanted to create a surfer on a surfboard.  The motion will be both the surfboard, and semi-independently the surfer. No motor…just hand crank.  And perhaps no paint on the biped or the surfboard.  Just paint in the drive frame.

Many of the Surfer #1 components have been created. This image captured at day five.