9 October 2019: Screw It!
Big Screw #1

The basis of the Jim’s Gym series of automata is ‘gym equipment’ and a ‘marble run’.  In other words, a biped works out by lifting marbles.

I’ve been enamored with marble runs for many decades…have built a few in the past…and am having fun with this Jim’s Gym series.  Several years ago I purchased this auger thinking that I would use it some day in a piece of art…and that day is almost here. The auger portion of this is about 12″ long.  I’ve experimented with it raising marbles…and it works.  It will be interesting to see over time how much the steel bit decays the marbles.  I have a feeling that there will be a bit of decay…but don’t have an expectation of how much.

At this point I’m undecided about what the biped will be doing but suspect that it will  be something rotary like a treadmill or bike or whatever.

Anyway…this will be the next one.  I suspect a start sometime in December 2019…or perhaps January 2020.

This auger is the basis for the Big Screw series of automata