Project Sheet
Two Tier, a product spinning automata

created April 12 – June 4, 2020

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11 June 2020:  The Hour Meter is installed
Two Tier #1, a product spinner

The Hour Meters finally arrived and I’ve been able to get one installed in Two Tier #1.  The installation went smoothly.

The Hour Meter is installed into Two Tier #1. 11 June 2020.


4 June 2020:  The Video is completed
Two Tier #1, a product spinner


7 May 2020:  All Done…
Two Tier #1, a product spinner

Product Spinner has been renamed to Two Tier #1 is completed.  All in all, I like it…it’s better than what I had thought it would be.  5-1/2 pounds.  17″ tall.  12″ diameter.

When burning it in I determined that the motor is not strong enough for it so I will be replacing the motor.  I will also be adding an hour meter.

Product Spinner #1 was completed on May 7, 2020.


3 May 2020:  Construction Complete
Product Spinner #1

Construction is completed (faster than I had thought it would be) on Product Spinner #1.  Next comes disassembly and painting.  And after that, I need to find a retailer that would like to rent this little beauty.

There are three rotating components on the product pedestal: the main product table in the foreground, the smaller product table behind, and a shaft for a flag or mirrored ball or something to the back.

All in all, this is a nice sturdy little machine.  I hope I can find a good home for it.


Product Spinner #1 construction is complete. Next is disassembly and paint.

26 April 2020:  Pedestals
Product Spinner #1

In the background to the right, you see the base.  I created a skirt out of 1/4″ dowels.  And sitting on top of the base is a pedestal upon which the product tables will spin.  This pedestal is shaped sort of like a kidney bean,  This image shows how  I am forming the 1/32″ Baltic Birch plywood around the perimeter.


1/32″ Baltic Birch plywood is being formed around a pedistal.

26 April 2020:  The Pedal Assembly
Product Spinner #1

Product Spinner #1 is powered only with an electric motor.  It cannot be hand-cranked.  I’ve found that when members of the public have an opportunity to hand-crank that some of them want to ‘speed’ crank.  No one can speed crank if there is no hand crank to turn.


The Pedal and Lever assembly for Product Spinner #1 has been completed.

23 April 2020:  Sprockets
Product Spinner #1

The Product Spinner is coming along nicely.  One of the things that I create are sprockets for the chain that I use to keep the levers and pedals in sync with each other.  I’ve found that the best way to create these little sprockets is to place a ‘real’ sprocket on top of a piece of plywood.

I have a device created that runs these little sprockets through their paces under load.  It helps me to remove any binding or unevenness. 


Using ‘overspray’ to define the pattern, I file the sprocket teeth.

12 April 2020:  The beginning
Product Spinner #1

For decades I’ve been wanting to create a little device that sits on a countertop in a retail establishment and that calls attention to something.  As a working nickname, I call these devices ‘product spinners’.  So along comes COVID-19 and the orders to stay at home.  I’ve got more time in my studio, which is wonderful.  And my street organ busking revenue stream is out of commission for the moment.  I figure that this is a good time to diversify that revenue stream to include automata rentals.  Thus the product spinner.  Time will tell whether this is a good idea or not.

As I work with the bipeds that I create I’m beginning to settle on a bit of a workflow:

  1. I find that Basswood is my material of preference…at least for everything but the head.
  2. I’m learning how to whittle so that I can add details to the basswood.  For example, you can see that I’ve added a bit of a shirt and pants to this guy.  He will be painted.
  3. And Apoxy (a two-part sculpting medium) is working well for the creation of the heads.  Apoxy takes about 4 hours to harden and is pleasant to work with.

This biped is going to power Product Spinner #1.


April 2020: I’m learning to whittle detail onto the bipeds.