Project Sheets

A brief written record


It was not until early 2019 that I began creating Project Sheets.  Project Sheets are a brief written record of each build.  I share Project Sheets with the public via this website.  When a project is actively on my workbench I try to update the Project Sheets weekly.  It is not unusual for me to reference the Project Sheets from my blog, which I also try to publish weekly.

As I build I intensely photograph each step…600 or more images per project are not unusual.  The photographs are intended to capture all of the little details so that when I do future builds I can use the images as reference.

In the end, many of the images are printed into a booklet.  My workflow is that I build, and rebuild, and rebuild…until I am satisfied and until the automata will operate reliably for thousands of cycles.  

I then do a disassembly, photographing in the order of disassembly.  Using Google Slides I create the “Construction Journal” booklet.  This is an important document.  It is printed and kept in a three-ring binder and is used for the final reassembly.  The booklet exists in digital format (in addition to the printed booklet) and is available for viewing/download from this website.

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Big Wheel Lift #1