6 March 2019, The Countup Begins
Big Wheel Lift #1

Recently I started learning about ‘whittling’ and I am glad that I did.  The time spent is beginning to pay off.  

Pictured is the Peddler #1 head.  It has been created as an Apoxie overlay onto a basswood head.  One of these days when I have a 3D printer I’ll be printing these heads as an open lattice framework, but with the eyes and ears in place.  Then I will apply the ‘skin’ using Apoxie.  I think that this will give me better results.

What you don’t see is the body.  I rough shaped the body with the band saw and then did final shaping by whittling.  I’m pleased with the result and can see that I’m making progress with the bipeds, which seem to be my nemesis.  Both the body and the head will be painted with acrylic, and then will be paste waxed and buffed.

16 May 2020: The Peddler #1 biped head is completed.

8 May 2020; The Peddler is started 
The Peddler #1, a product spinner

Peddler #1 (a product spinner) is begun.

The concept of this is simple: A biped will pedal a unicycle in a circle.  The unicycle will be harnessed to a product display table that follows the unicycle around.  As he peddles the biped will smile and wave one arm.  The product display table will also rotate.

Peddler #1 is begun 9 May 2020