The Peddler
product spinning automata series

The eye-catching product spinning Peddler is the 2nd design in the product spinning series of automata that I am creating.  With a stationary lower base, a biped waves and pedals the upper base in circles, which in turn causes a 9” display platform to counter-rotate. The display platform is designed to hold and call attention to larger-small items, such as jewelry, pastries, confections, art, sunglasses, watches, books, cards, drugs, electronic devices, etc.  


This series of automata is powered by a 110-volt gear motor.  There is no hand crank.  This automata is created primarily from a variety of woods, including Baltic Birch plywood, Pistachio, African Mahogany, Basswood, and Poplar.  The drive train includes stainless steel shafting and many ball bearings and is designed for long life.  The finishes include Wipeon Poly, acrylic paints, spray enamels, and hand-applied and buffed paste wax.  The #1 of this series was created May 8 – July 11, 2020.


Jim’s Comments:  This is the second design in the product spinning series and the first one on which I have used an electric slip ring.  I like the motion of this automata.  The display platform turns counter to its base, giving an interesting illusion of speed and time to the display platform. I enjoy watching the biped wave as he pedals by. This is a nice automata.


Product spinning Peddler #1 is completed July 11, 2020


Specs (approx)

Height: 16″
Width: 12″
Depth: 13″
Weight: 5-1/2 lbs.


#1 is available at this time.

#2 is the next available in this series.

For Rent:

  • 1 month, $90
  • Monthly, $45
  • Prepaid yearly, $360

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The Peddler Project Sheet

As I create automata I attempt to update the Project Sheet weekly with narrative and images.  These project sheets are available on my website.  The project sheets give viewers a sense of what I’m working on and how I work.


Peddler #1  
Construction Journal 

After an automata has been initially assembled and is functioning it is then disassembled and painted.  This Construction Journal is important to me.  It helps me to re-assemble, and it helps me remember ‘how I did it’ for future builds.  The Construction Journal documents with photographs a teardown and then the painted reassembly.  These documents are sometimes 50+ pages long.  The link above will take you to Construction Journal, which you may download if you wish.


YouTube Video 


Pedal detail. 24 July 2020