20 Pipe Street Organ
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In 2016 I ordered plans from John Smith for a 20 Pipe Street Organ.  About 8 months later I had created a functioning hand-cranked organ.  The project was very pleasant…I had a good time creating the organ.

After the organ was built I then created a rolling cart for the organ.  And after that, I created an animated monkey that sits on top of the organ.  In hindsight, the monkey was my first automata.

At this time I play the organ in public about twice a month (except for the COVID-19 hiatus).  What I find is that people really like to listen to the organ.  They like to look at it.  They like to tap their feet to the music.  They smile.  They photograph.  The organ makes them happy.  I enjoy playing the organ in public because it gets me out into the fresh air and because I am able to make people happy.

I learned a lot when I built Misty (the first organ).  I followed John’s plans pretty faithfully.  I’ve got a second organ under construction.  I am creating it using the same John Smith concepts, but I am following the plans less faithfully.  I am ‘improving’ the organ…I’m making it so that it better suits my needs and so that it will be easier to open and repair/maintain.

Music is on rolls.  Each roll holds about 7 minutes of music.  I purchase my music from Melvyn Wright in London.  

If you are curious about these organs here is  a link to a YouTube search that will offer you lots to look at and many tunes to listen to.


  • Designed by John Smith.  Created by Jim Coffee
  • Constructed primarily of wood.  
  • Hand-cranked.  20 Pipes.  
  • Hundreds of musical arrangements are available
  • 1 roll of music and one test roll included.
  • Cart included.
  • Animated monkey on request.

20 Pipe Street Organ
Available by Commission.  ~$5,000
Allow 6 months for the build



Misty, a 20 pipe street organ