In the early part of the 21st century corporations began to be formed that assisted humans as they made their end of life decisions.  Many of these companies honorably assisted with the process of departing this life.  Some of these companies, however,  were not good.  At the encouragement of the United Nations the legal systems of the world devised the End of Life Corporation (EOLC) protocols and guidelines.  The United Nations formed the EOLC Monitoring Agency.  The EOLC Monitoring Agency has the authority to monitor all End of Life Corporations, including those located on the moon and on Mars.

All activity in the entire human sphere (Earth, Moon, Mars) that assists humans to end their lives falls under the rules and regulations of the EOLC Monitoring Agency.  All of those providing end of life services must operate under the umbrella of being a formal End of Life Corporation.

Euthanasia EOLC is proud to be the first EOLC to be formed.  Euthanasia EOLC has operated for more than a decade as the premier provider of end of life services.