Euthanasia EOLC offers two  different vehicles for those desiring a final journey.

The SS Euthanasia is a beautiful small passenger ship that carries as many as 375 passengers along with as many as 375 crew.  Of the two final destination vehicles the SS Euthanasia is more comfortable, offers more options, and is less expensive.

Euthanasia Airlines operates advanced drone helicopters, each of which can carry as many as 8 passengers.  There is no crew (aboard the aircraft) and the aircraft’s usefulness is terminated at the end of the flight.

Comparison: Euthanasia Airlines to SS Euthanasia

FeatureEuthanasia AirSS Euthanasia
Can be AccompaniedNoYes
Return Options03
Meals and AccomidationsNoYes
Vetting ProcessYesYes
Legals ProcessYesYes
Transportation to Departure PortalNoNo
'No Show' RefundNoNo
Ticket TransferrableNoNo
Death Certificate ProvidedYesYes
Can arrange PrivateYesNo
Final Moments VideotapedYesYes