Considering a Commission?  Here is how it works:

  • The contract will be in the form of a Letter of Intent.  James Coffee Studios will coordinate this.
  • Primary and all important communications will be via email (a written record)
  • James Coffee Studios prefers to accept commissions for only James Coffee Studios automata, however would consider other.
  • James Coffee Studios:
    • Prefers to maintain controlling artistic license.
    • Will create using JCS best techniques and abilities.
    • Will make every attempt to accommodate Buyer requests.
    • Will update Buyer at least every two weeks with build status and photos.
    • Retains the Copyright.
    • Agrees to honor the Letter of Intent.
  • The Buyer:
    • Must make all special requests prior to the Letter of Intent being finalized (so that the requests can be included in the Letter of Intent).
    • Agrees to a 50% non-refundable initial payment.
    • Agrees to a final payment in full per terms detailed in the Letter of Intent.
    • Will be responsible for all shipping costs, above and beyond the commission.
    • Agrees to honor the Letter of Intent.

That said…let me just ramble for a few moments: 
A commission is serious business and must be taken seriously. Life, however, requests a nice balance…peace, tranquility, honesty, happiness. Only move forward with a commission with James Coffee Studios if you feel comfortable.  No force should be required…no pressure.  The commission process should be a pleasure all the way through to the end.  

I don’t build from plans…I build from my head.  The blueprint that I will be using will be the #1 build, which I retain.  I will take basic measurements from the #1 build.  I will make improvements to the #2+ builds.  The #2+ builds will always be better than the #1 build.  The two builds will appear to be similar however there will be differences…improvements. Speaking of #2+ builds…I don’t expect to build more than 5 of any design.  It could happen but probably won’t…I’m an artist…I love to create…I am not a factory.

Two of the areas where the Buyer can have a strong voice is in the color palette   and/or the marbles.  If there is a color palette that the Buyer desires every attempt will be made to accommodate.    If I am to use Buyer provided marbles I must have the marbles in hand prior to finalizing the Letter of Intent (all marbles are not created equal).