Big Wheel Lift #2

The Big Wheel Lift series of automata are part of the Jim’s Gym themed exercise automata.  Big Wheel Lift is operated by an 11″ copper leafed biped that is powering the Big Wheel by both pedaling and pulling levers.  As the big wheel is rotated it lifts marbles to the top and then drops them down the back side.  The marbles roll through 3 magnetic shock absorber assemblies and then wait at the bottom of the wheel to be picked up again.

As this automata meets the public what I find is that people are both fascinated by it…and sort of entranced.  They will stare at it…study it…smile.  Frequently I find people having conversations with each other in the company of Big Wheel Lift #1.  People like it.  It fascinates and soothes.

Future builds of the Big Wheel Lift will be based on the #1 build.  Future builds will not be exact replicas…they will be better.  As I create and learn my artistic vision and skills improve.

At this time I do not have a Big Wheel Lift in stock for sale.  #2 will be the next in the series and I can be commissioned to create it for you.  Please allow 3 months from the date of signing of the Letter of Intent for creation.

  • Designed and created by Jim Coffee
  • Constructed using Baltic Birch plywood, Poplar, Myrtlewood, stainless steel shafting, ball bearings, nylon bearings, leather, copper leaf, plastic chain, gear motor and electrical components, and other materials.
  • Approximately 25″ wide, 21″ high, and 9″ deep. About 8-1/2 pounds.
  • 1″ glass shooter marbles
  • Can be hand cranked, or will run 12 marble drops and stop, or will run continuously.
  • The color palette and marbles will be unique to each build.

Big Wheel Lift #2
Available by Commission: $4,000