26 October 2018, The First Lift assembly
Scissor Lift #2

Receiving marbles from the Regulator the First Lift lifts the marbles so that they can roll into position to be tipped onto the scissor lift arm.

The First Lift on Scissor Lift #2.

26 October 2018, The Regulator assembly
Scissor Lift #2

The Regulator is the mechanism that meters marbles one at a time to the first lift.  Marbles que up on the uphill side of the Regulator.

The Scissor Lift #2 Regulator Assembly.

15 October 2018, Scissor Lift assembly nearing completion
Scissor Lift #2

I’m pleased with the way this is coming together.  I’m able to get a more “organic” feel to this build.  It feels and looks smoother than SL#1 (as it should.  They should all be better than the prior).  Note that the marble run is one piece now, as opposed to multiple pieces in the first build.  I’ve got the level installed (the green cube at the left).  The regulator is working nicely as is the tipper.

The Scissor Lift assembly nears completion….pre-paint obviously.

1 September 2018, Mechs almost completed
Scissor Lift #2

On the Scissor Lift series I complete the mechs first (the mechanics on the underside).  This means that I know how much lift I’ll have, etc.  After the mechs are completed I’ll start on the top side…I’ll start that actual scissor lift mechanisms themselves.

The mechs (the under mechanicals) of Scissor Lift #2.

12 August 2018, The mech frame 
Scissor Lift #2

The second build goes faster than the first.  In the first build the basic dimensions are sorted and an example exists.  When creating the next generation I need to look at the prior generation(s) and learn.  I then need to create.  Each generation should be better than the prior.

Scissor Lift #2 base and mech frame.

8 August 2018, Onto the bench
Scissor Lift #2

The first component I’ll create is the biped.  Here is the initial armature.  I must admit that I feel most vulnerable creating these little people.  After I’ve worked more with them I feel more comfortable but right now I sort of feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.

The initial armature for the Big Wheel Lift #1 biped