28 August 2019: Into the Trash
“A Sunday Drive”

I’ve discarded A Sunday Drive.  It is in the trash.  It is no longer pulling down my conscience.  I learned a lot from this ‘automata to be’ but in the end it ‘will not be’.

Bottom line…I need energy to build these little machines.  Other automata were begging for my energy…and A Sunday Drive started asking for less.  I’m not sorry I started this. And I am glad that I am ending it. I’ve learned some good lessons.

This project will most likely never be completed.

17 August 2019: Back to the Dream Pile
“A Sunday Drive”

This is the way that it goes.  I get an idea.  I start to work on it.  The idea fads in and out of focus.  Initially the concept for A Sunday Drive was in focus and clear.  It has always been intended as a ‘one off’.  Only one would be built.  And so as I’ve thought things through and as time has passed I am less and less enamored with investing so much time and energy into a ‘one off’. 

The Inclined Slide piece of Jim’s Gym equipment is fully in focus,  It is not a one off.  

I’ve made the decision to move A Sunday Drive from an active spot on my work bench back to the ‘Still In A Dream State’ status.  And quite frankly I am seriously considering trashing everything that I’ve done so far and forgetting about it.

The thought process has been productive…so this project has not been a waste of time.  I’ve learned a lot from it…even though I most likely will never complete it.

This project will most likely never be completed.

20 May 2019: Laying Around
“A Sunday Drive”

This is the part of the process where I try to listen to what each little body part wants to say to me.  The topic of conversation is about how each part wants to move once installed in the little red Volkswagen.  Sometimes the conversations go on for hours.  They sit in different postures and try to get comfortable…they talk to each other…and to me.

In the end I think that everyone will be comfortable and happy…important if they are going to enjoy A Sunday Drive.

These are the passengers. At this point in time they lay around on my workbench telling me how they want to move.

8 May 2019.  The Passengers
“A Sunday Drive”

I’ve obtained the passengers for A Sunday Drive.  They are proportioned as I want them to be.  Now that I know who/what is going for a drive I can do the next step, which is to figure out the motion that I want for the male, the female, the rabbit, the car, and the background.

At this time what I am striving for is a lot of small motion as the background flows past.

A Sunday Drive is the secondary project on my workbench.  You won’t see this one moving as fast as the primary project…but it will keep moving…all the way to market.


The passengers for A Sunday Drive. It will be interesting to see their final look.


4 April, 2019: Determining the basic concept
“A Sunday Drive”

The little Volkswagen sits on my bench and teases me with possibilities.  Part of the art of making art is determining what is to be done.  I gain a lot of please during the “what if” process.  At this time I am thinking a man driving and a dog as his passenger…feet on the dash, ears flapping in the wind.  And as the automata is cranked a background of changing scenery will scroll by.  Right now I am actively (with my hands) developing Big Wheel Lift #1.  At some point in the next month or two I’ll be able to stop dreaming at this little Volkswagen and will be able to begin free building.

March 14, 2019, On the Bench
“A Sunday Drive”

As I worked on other projects I would open the cabinet door and get a glimpse of the little red car and would spend some time thinking about how I wanted to approach the project.

One of my big questions was ‘what is this thing made of?  What am I going to have to do to modify it?’.

So, it’s now officially on my bench and under construction.  Turns out it is pretty easy to disassemble.  Sort of like an auto factory, I guess.  The body sits down on top of the chassis with all it’s details.

The body is pretty much all die cast, and the chassis is primarily plastic.  I’ve removed it’s ability to steer, and I’ve removed the front seats and the steering wheel.  Replacement seats and steering wheel will be part of what I create.  

Now I need to determine the basic character of this automata.  How many people?  I think two? What will they be doing?  I think ‘looking around’.  The wheels will turn.  The car will bounce.  There will be scenery flowing by.

This is a one off…I’m guessing I’ll be done with this in about a year.  Perhaps sooner.

July 2017, The Beginning
“A Sunday Drive”

I spotted a 1/16 scale Volkswagen Convertible on eBay and bought it.  After I received and unboxed it I was impressed.  Die Cast, but with some plastic…opening doors, trunk, engine compartment.  It steered and had suspension.  

My vision for this little convertible is a couple out for a Sunday drive.

I put the little car on a shelf in my studio and began to think about it.

“A Sunday Drive” as received from eBay.