28 March 2022: Investing in my own automatons

In the 2-1/2  months that have elapsed since my last post, war has broken out between Ukraine and Russia, Trump is still hanging around, and I’ve added a Ferris Wheel to the mini-carnival that I’ve got hanging from the front of my street organ.

Regarding the war: I find it unsettling and scary.  I cannot see a clear reason why it is happening and am concerned that it will escalate.  My lack of confidence in the human race is reinforced.

Regarding Trump: I remain a disappointed Republican.  I don’t understand why he is still considered to be so powerful.  It disappoints me.  I look at my fellow Americans and wonder what is really in people’s hearts.  Trump has a value system that I find repulsive and un-American.

Regarding my own automatons: This is the bright side of the picture.  I’ve now got a Carousel and a Ferris Wheel hanging from the front of my street organ.  I’m able to take this mini-show out in public and cause people to be a little bit happier. I find this activity rewarding and comforting and will continue to expand this little mini-carnival.  

The street organ causes happiness.  The addition of the mini-carnival seems to have doubled that happiness.  All ages are attracted to it.

I currently have a High Striker under construction.  It will sit on the left side of the Carousel and will have an operating frequency of once a minute.  When the High Striker is completed I’m contemplating creating a Hot Air Balloon that will hover above the mini-carnival.

The Ferris Wheel is nearing completion. 18 February 2022
The Carousel and Ferris Wheel mounted to the front of my street organ. 27 February 2022.