December 5, 2021.  A Carousel Before the End of the Year?

As I have mentioned, in 2016 I built a 20 Pipe Street Organ.  Shortly after building the street organ, I added an animated monkey (the first of my automata).  I’ve now got it in my head that I want to add a carousel to the front of the street organ.

I began construction of the carousel in mid-November 2021 and am making pleasant progress.  Tomorrow I believe that I will have the horse lift mechanism mostly completed.  My 3D printer is making things easier for me.  I find that by printing parts with critical measurements that I can be more accurate.  One of the reasons for this greater accuracy is that if something is not right I usually just need to make one or two changes to the spreadsheet in my CAD program…and then I reprint.  For example, yesterday I printed a complicated component and found that I had estimated one of the measurements to be 5mm shorter than it should have been.  Instead of jury-rigging a fix, I made the change on the spreadsheet and reprinted the entire component.  Now, instead of a jury-rigged part, I have a perfect part in place.  Had I created this particular component by hand (using wood) it would have taken a day each time.

And as I move forward with this carousel I’m leaving room to each side for a ‘side show’.  One of the sideshows will be two men playing checkers next to the carousel, and the other sideshow will be a teen skateboarding and doing a jump on the other side of the carousel.  Time will tell what the final sideshows will be.  The point is that I am going to be investing my automata-creating energy into my street organ for the next half-year or so.

The carousel horses are being positioned and measured so that a carousel can be created around them. November 30, 2021