September 2, 2021: Automata Magazine

I am a very happy subscriber to the Automata Magazine.  The first issue came out at the beginning of 2019 and it’s been bi-monthly since.  I just received my September-October 2021 issue and am extremely impressed.  It seems to me to be a ‘super issue’.  

I’ve not “deep read” the issue yet…I’ve simply downloaded it and browsed slowly through.  My impression at the end of my browse was that this issue is the best yet.

If you are interested in the world of automata you should subscribe.  It comes out bi-monthly and costs about $6 an issue.  If you subscribe now you automatically get access to back issues (worth about $70), a very nice deal.

As I’ve gone through my weeks one of my recurring thoughts is “how does Planet Earth look to alien species passing by”.  I’ve concluded that we probably appear pretty chaotic and undesirable and insignificant.  My guess is that we are bypassed more often than not.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts my 3D printer is now considered an essential tool.  I’ve got a Prusa Mini.  I’ve defaulted to Matterhackers PETG.  The software that I use is FreeCAD.  It’s been about 10 months and I’m finding that I desire to be able to print items that are more ‘organic’ than I am capable of creating in FreeCAD.

So I Googled ‘digital sculpting’ and got good hits.  The end result is that I’m learning a digital mesh sculpting program called MeshMixer.  It’s by AutoDesk.  It’s capable.  There is a learning curve but fortunately, we’ve got tools like YouTube to help us learn.

My first mesh project is a head.  I’m learning how to give it different personalities.  It’s fun.  And I’ve actually been able to use one of the heads on the Bench Press Message Board automaton that I’m in the process of creating.

Time moves on.  The end creeps closer.  I desire to create many more automatons in the meantime.

Automata Magazine is a valuable resource.