August 18, 2021: Time Flows

It’s been five weeks since my last post.  I go through a phase when I feel guilty…and then I let it go.

It’s been hot in my garage studio, and the Golden Retriever wants to be petted.  And books want to be read.  So things have been ‘summer slow’.  

Finally, the Five Slat Message Board is completed (except for its carry case and its video).  I’m pleased with this automaton.  I’ve had it in public several times and am pleased that it has caused quality conversation.

Each morning I plot Covid-19 ‘New Infections’ for the World, the US, California, and San Diego County.  The resulting graph has been beneficial to me in helping me understand what is going on around me.  I can clearly see on the graph that we are entering the third bloom of this virus.  As a result, I have restarted wearing a mask when in public places.  I don’t understand why people are so reluctant to get vaccinated.  It seems that as I age people get more stupid.

I’ve started a new automaton that has a working title of Bench Press Message Board #1.  Yes, another message board.  I think that I have more message board stuff to learn…so am creating another.  This one will be larger.  It will be driven by a biped exercising, doing Bench Presses


Five Slat Message Board #1 is completed on August 4, 2021