June 2, 2021: Why “Created”?

I was asked recently why I use the word “created” in place of “construct”, or “assemble”, or words with similar meaning.  I must admit that I needed to stop and think about it.

Bottom line, the automata that I ‘create’ are to me…creations.  I envision them.  I fabricate many parts…with each part being a creation.  I do utilize store purchased things, such as motors and ball bearings and stainless steel shafting.  And I use all of these parts and pieces and I create my vision.  So, yes, I do use the word ‘create’ often.

I’ve mentioned my 3D printer in past blog posts.  It’s time again.  I’ve been using a high-quality PLA (Matterhackers Tough PLA).  It has been very satisfactory for me with one exception.  I created an accessory that I used in my car.  It warped in the heat.  Not good.  So I did some research and find that I should have expected the PLA to warp.  PETG, however, should not warp.  One of the things that I’m afraid of is one of my automata experiencing a ‘melt down’ while showing off in a store window or something.  PETG is a bit more complicated to print with, in particular, the first layer.  I’ve bitten the bullet and have my first roll of PETG (Matterhackers Builder series) in my printer.  I have printed just one item (the one that warped in the heat in my car) and I must say that I’m impressed…it seems like an excellent filament.

Bits and pieces of the Auger Lift. October 29, 2020.