May 15, 2021: Getting Connected

I’m sure that you are not wondering where the magnets (that I referred to in my last post) are.  The postal service is now reporting that they have come as far west as Los Angeles.  Day 16.

Five Slat Message Board is coming along nicely.  I’ve published a video of its ‘First Life‘.

The last few days I’ve been integrating Proximity Sensor Mk 2 into Five Slat Message Board.  It’s an interesting process…fitting electronic things in between and around mechanical things that make it all work.  The little bits and pieces, though, are fitting in.  I’ve got all of the low voltage wiring completed and am in the process of finishing the 110v wiring.

I’ve been working with prototyping PCB board and am having success…but am also learning a lot.  For example, before I create my next assembly on a PCB board I am going to order a set of 22AWG solid core wire spools.  The 20AWG wire that I’m presently using is stranded, and it’s just a tiny bit too big for the PCB holes.  I spend precious time trimming it down.

I’ve updated two project sheets this past week and have added a video:

The Mark 2 Proximity Sensor is being integrated into Five Slat Message Board. May 15, 2021