April 26, 2021. The Biped is Seated

Yesterday evening my wife and I attended a small party of friends (three other couples).  It sure did feel good to be around other people again.  Cheryl and I have been very careful, making extreme attempts to stay safe.  We have not wanted to become sick, and more importantly, we have not wanted to infect her Mom.   All is well, and the party was a wonderful treat.  Many thanks to Kim and Tom for hosting.

During this pandemic, I’ve had more time to think.  I tend to get caught up in big picture things…for example, “What is Life All About”.  Without boring you with the details my conclusions are:

  • In my lifetime I won’t ever learn the answers to the ‘big questions’.
  • I am in control of an extremely small portion of my life.
  • Bottom line…Enjoy the moment while contributing positively to the bigger picture.

I am presently working on Five Slat Message Board.  I’ve been doing a lot of boring, behind the scene stuff and am pleased to be able to get my hands into things again.  Pictured you see the biped resting in his new ‘sort-of recumbent seat.  Next up is the pedal assembly.

Project sheets updated since my last post: Five Slat Message Board.

The biped for the 5 Slat Message Board sits in his new seat. April 26, 2021.