12 April 2021: Finally, creating an Automaton

It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to work on an automaton proper.  My last few months have been primarily learning Arduino and building two different versions of a proximity sensor.  I’ve also constructed three or four automaton cases.  Each of these cases is custom constructed to fit a specific automaton.  

The automaton that I am creating now carries a working title of Five Slat Message Board #1.  I had been calling it 1.6 Earths but realized that I need a more generic name because I believe that I will be creating at least several of the Five Slat Message Board automatons.

One of the things that I’ve been creating is the Mark 2 version of the proximity sensor.  Five Slat Message Board #1 will contain a Mark 2 proximity sensor, which will turn the automaton on and off in response to people being in front of it.

At the moment I am creating the biped.  He will be relaxing in a sort of recumbent position, pedaling.

Limb hinging is an important aspect of this construction.  He has no moveable ankles, knees that pivot nylon on hardwood, and leather hips.  I am creating the arms and head at this time.  The decision of “how to joint” is important.  The last thing that I want is for a joint to fail.  That said, if a joint does fail I want repairs to be relatively non-destructive.

You will note that his wooden feet will be replaced with sneakers.


The biped for Five Slat Message Board #1 is being created. 12 April 2021.