28 March 2021: I’ve found my voice

As I look back over the past recent years I see that my automata creations have a common theme…a biped doing work. As I look at my automata I can see threads of commonality.  Most importantly, at least to me, I see many future creations that follow the same theme of bipeds doing work.

In some respects, I’m disappointed in myself.  I look at other automata and see frivolity, comedy, fantasy.  I’ve tried to think those ways but realize that it’s simply not who I am.  For a while, I was feeling inadequate.  I was scolding myself for not being able to create automata that is like other automata.  

But at the end of the day…I’m who I am…and I’m doing what I love, and I am comfortable with my creations.

The image shows the Proximity Sensor Mk I and Auger Lift #1.  I am very pleased with the proximity sensor…I like the way that an automaton comes to life when you get near it, and that then takes a break when you leave.  The Mark I model is a desktop unit.  It stands alone and an automaton plugs into the back of it.  In my head, I am designing the Mark II model.  The Mk II will be two separate modules that are made as small as possible.  One of the modules will contain the sensors and perhaps an indicator light or two.  It will be mounted under and to the front of an automaton.  And the second module will contain the processor, the power supply, the power relay, the hour meter, the circuit breaker, and the control switch.  This second module will be mounted in the rear of an automaton.


Auger Lift #1 and the new Proximity Sensor Mk I. 21 March 2021.