13 February 2021: Time for Another

There is a lot going on right now…most of it in my brain.

On the automata front, I’ve finished Auger Lift #1, with the exception of the carrying case and the proximity sensor (more on proximity sensors in a bit). 

In the past, I’ve been working with two different themes, 1) Jim’s Gym, and 2) Product Spinners.  At the turn of the year, I decided to add a third focus: Earth Awareness.

Earth Awareness: This is a complicated subject but I’ve been able to narrow things down a bit by focusing on the statistic that in order for us to be in balance with the earth (the way we are living today) there needs to be 1.6 Planet Earths.  I’m in the process of determining how to communicate this.  It’s a challenge that is interesting.

Proximity Sensors: I participate in the Automata Magazine online forum. One of the topics recently was Arduino.  This has got me thinking about how I could use a small microprocessor and what I’ve concluded is that immediately I could use a proximity sensor that will turn an automaton on when someone is proximal, and then would turn it off when no humans are around.  I like this idea and think it would be useful.

So I’ve been on the journey of specing what I want the proximity sensor to do, and then of sourcing the components so that I can build the sensor.  The sourcing part is complicated.  There is no one place to go.  I’m going to need to establish relationships with about four vendors when I embark on this journey.  I’ve been reminded that to create automatons I’ve got relationships with about a dozen vendors.  I’ve slowly built these relationships over the years, terminating about as many as I have found useful.  It’s tough finding good vendors.  On the other hand, the fact that we can shop online is like a godsend.  I will be creating a prototype proximity sensor that hopefully can be used with all of my motorized automata.  It will be a stand-alone unit, about the size of a cigar box.



Auger Lift #1 is completed. 46.5 hours on the clock. 5 February 2021