3 November 2020: It’s Election Day

It’s been a month and a half since my last post.  Lots has been going on here.

3D Printer:  In August 2020 I ordered a Prusa Mini.  It was back-ordered two months, finally arriving mid-October 2020.  I spent an afternoon setting it up, and then the next morning I did a couple of test prints.  Bottom line…it was worth the wait.  The Prusa Mini is going to be great for me.  Fast forward a couple of weeks:  I’ve printed more items for my automata, with the things that I’m most excited about being ears (see the image to the right) and tennis shoes and an armature for a head (for my biped).

For filament I am using MatterHackers Pro Tough PLA and am extremely satisfied with it.  My default setting at this writing, using a .25mm nozzle, is a .1mm layer height.  I’m extremely impressed with the detail.  When I bought this printer I was not expecting to be able to print things like the little ears.

The software that I’ve settled on and that I’m using to create useful parts is FreeCAD.

I’ve started my next automata.  It’s titled Auger Lift #1.  This automata features a long auger that lifts marbles up high.  The auger is powered by a biped that is pedaling.  I’ve largely finished creating the biped.  The printer has helped by printing ears and tennis shoes and an armature for the head.

I’m enjoying having the 3D printer in my studio.  It’s like (or better than) a reliable employee.  You tell it what you want it to do and it quietly does an excellent job.  The printer is going to help me raise the bar on the quality of my automata.

The Election:  When we wake up tomorrow there is a possibility that we will know who our next president will be.  I certainly hope that Trump does not win.  I think that at the core of a Great America are great values and principles.  I don’t see Trump leading with those qualities.  It’s disappointing.

A 3D printed Left Ear. November 1, 2020