September 15, 2020: Creation is complete

This afternoon I completed Stair Stepping Bottle Spinner #1.  I am pleased with this little machine…it is and does exactly what I had envisioned.

At the last moment, I had to remove the belt drive and replace it with chain.  The belt drive stored energy near its couplings.  There is just a tiny amount of work being done to turn the bottle.  As a result, the ‘elastic’ stored energy in the belt was causing the bottle to spin ahead of itself.  I replaced the drive belt with a plastic chain and the spinning motion is now exactly in sync with the rest of the mechanism.

More images can be seen on the Project Sheet

This has been quite a year.  COVID-19, and now here in California there are wild fires.  Where we live there are no fires, however, there is haze and there are beautiful ‘fire sky’ sunsets.  Some of the other parts of the state that are burning are a terrible shame.  That said…fire is one of Mother Nature’s tools.  She is strong and she will use her tools.  Personally I think that it is possible to live in nature and not be in danger of having your home burn down.  Burrowing underground would be one way.  I think living underground is appealing and would not hesitate.  The opportunities, however, are rare.

On the automata front, it has been announced that Automata Magazine will cease production at the end of the year.  Too bad…I’ve really appreciated the magazine.  Apparently there is a possibility that someone will step up and take over from Marc.  I hope so.

Again, I urge a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump.  He is not good for this nation.



Creation of Stair Stepping Bottle Spinner #1 is completed. 15 September 2020.