August 15, 2020: Stair Stepping Bottle Spinner Modules are being completed.

It’s been three weeks since my last post…too long.  I’ll try to be more consistent with 1-2 week updates.

I’m working on Stair Stepping Bottle Spinner #1.  This will make a total of three product spinning automata.  When this 3rd one is completed I’m going to take the three of them out and try to find a home for at least one of them.  I hope that this “automata rental” program will work.  It seems reasonable to me.  I know that when I have my automata with me when I’m playing my street organ in public that people are very attracted to them.

I’m learning how to build in a ‘modular’ fashion.  Major components that fit together to make a whole.  Part of the process is creating in a manner that does not look modular.  I don’t want someone looking at the automata to see ‘modules’.  I want them to see the whole thing.

We are having a high heat weekend here in the San Diego area.  I’m glad that I spent 20 years in Las Vegas.  Those 20 years let me think that this San Diego heat spell is very tolerable.

On the national front, it’s looking more likely (to me) that we will have a different President next term.  I’m so glad.  Our present President is causing me a lot of angst.  I don’t like him representing our country.  It will be nice to see him go.

The Stair Stepper Bottle Spinner modules are being completed. Clockwise from left: The Electrics module (it’s missing the hour meter), the drive frame, the base, the biped, and the ratchet assembly. August 15, 2020.