21 July 2020: Heads Up!

Heads have been difficult for me.  I’ve tried creating heads several different ways and am finally settling on Basswood armatures and Sculpey clay medium.  In the image you see: a) a 2″ long piece of 1″ X 1″ Basswood.  b) The armature that has been carved.  This armature sets the proportions.  c and d) completed heads.  These have been baked and are ready for installation and paint.  After I have the Sculpey head the way that I want it I bake it for 15 minutes at 275 degrees.  And if I want to do more I can make the changes and re-bake.  

In the past, I have whittled faces but I find that I do not have the control over the detail that I would like.  So I have used a two-part product called Apoxy.  Apoxy works pretty well…it handles detail and it’s very strong…however it starts to harden right after it has been mixed.  Working time is 2-4 hours.  I find the working time a bit frustrating so am now working with Sculpey.  In the image, the biped that is painted does have an Apoxy head.

I made my own whittling knife out of a Gerber hunting knife that I had laying around.  I worked the metal for a long time getting the right shape…and then I’ve been stropping it for months.  Finally, it’s (perhaps) sharper than a razor and a pleasure to use (and dangerous).

On the national political front: I have no comment this week.  You’ve heard it…”if you cannot say something nice don’t say it at all”.  I just sad about it all.

A mini production line for heads. Basswood is the armature and Sculpey is the media.
21 July 2020