11 July 2020: Peddler #1 has a face

The most difficult part of automata creation for me is the creation of the biped.  Of primary frustration are body shape, hands, and head/face.  I’ve finished the Peddler #1 biped.  My wife and I were looking at it today and I remarked that “it’s distorted enough to be fascinating and yet not so distorted that it’s not real”.  This particular biped is painted with acrylic paints and then waxed with hand-applied paste wax…several coats.  It’s the application of the paste wax that signals to me that I’ve finished a biped.  Once the paste wax is applied nothing else can practically be done…no more sanding…no more painting, etc.

I’m considering the purchase of a 3D printer.  High on the list of what I want to do with it is creation of heads and hands.  We’ll see how that goes.  COVID-19 has disrupted my revenue stream, so the purchase is delayed.  Meanwhile, new  3D printer models are being introduced and prices are dropping.

Peddler #1 is almost completed.  It’s got a motor in it that is jerking…so a replacement is ordered from China.  I might mention that the eBay seller that I’ve been dealing with in China has been EXTREMELY helpful.  The seller is efreeship…here is a link to their store.  I was in a hurry and screwed up an order.  They caught my mistake and worked with me to correct it.  It was very nice of them.  I buy my motors from them.

On the Trump front, I’m trying hard to disregard.  The Stone pardon happened yesterday.  What a jerk.  And I believe that it’s going to get much worse before he is out of office.

My next automata project is going to follow the theme of ‘All Lives Matter’.  It will be a Jim’s Gym creation.

Stay healthy, everyone.  And try to keep your communities healthy.



Peddler #1 has a face.
11 July 2020