19 June 2020: Peddler #1 is coming to life

The #1 of any series are revealing…both the strengths and weaknesses of what I design and build become apparent.

An example of a weakness:  I did not have an hour meter in stock when I created the base.  Then the hour meter arrived and I find that I should have created the base 1/2″ higher.  I worked it out…but next time I’ll leave more room.

An example of a strength: In the image you see the cream-colored product spinning table.  It rotates counter to the direction that the biped travels in.  It rotates slowly.  All in all the motion is both attention getting and relaxing.

Peddler #1 needs about two more weeks before it’s completed.  It’s a good one.  As I complete it I can now allow my mind the freedom to start designing the next product spinning automata.

I’m not sorry that I posted (what I did) last week.  I’ve spent a lot of this week wondering what I can do that will make a difference.  I cannot really think of anything beyond what I’m doing.  I just need to accept things and relax.

Trial run for Peddler #1. 18 June 2020.