13 June 2020: Are we taking care of our space ship?

Warning: This blog is going to be a bit different from my norm.

Space Travel: Let’s assume for a bit that we are joining an expedition to Jupiter.  It would seem to me that we would be traveling on a space ship and that the space ship would have a Captain…someone totally in charge.  It would be the Captain’s responsibility to get the space ship safely to Jupiter.  In my opinion the space ship could not be commanded by a “Committee”.

World Travel: Those of us that live here on Earth are also on a space ship.  Our problem is that we are governed by “Committees”.  Further, we are governed by Committees that have objectives other than “safe long term space travel”.  In other words (in my humble opinion) as long as we are governed by committees that don’t care long term about our space ship we are doomed.

“In the long term, humans are doomed”

Jim Coffee, June 2020