2 June 2020: I’ve been Busking!

In 2016 I created a 20 pipe street organ, using John Smith plans.  And then I started playing the street organ in public and became hooked.  People love the music!  They sway, tap their feet, smile, nod,  Just in general the street organ cheers people up.

My two favorite venues are a farmers market and a swap meet.  Covid 19 shut me down at both venues (it shut both venues down).  Last weekend the Kobey’s Swap Meet reopened.  I performed both Friday and Sunday and had a great time.  It was wonderful being out and about and in crowds of people that I was positively affecting.

I was pleased to note that almost everyone was respectful of the social distancing and mask rules.  Until everyone is vaccinated…this is the way it must be.

On the other side of the coin here in the US we’ve are having incidents of public demonstrations turning into looting and trouble.  It’s too bad.  I’m sad.  I believe that the public demonstrations are warranted.  But looting and trouble does not do anything to further the cause of justice and a positive change in social behavior.

I’ve spent some time out in orbit around the earth (in my mind) looking down at the human condition.  I’m disappointed.  That said…there are all kinds of people and points of view…it will never be perfect.  The big question of course is “Are humans good enough that they will last through the ages?”  Personally, I think not.

Stay Healthy



Jim Coffee performing with his 20 pipe street organ  Big Wheel Lift #1 at the 2019 Steam Punk Convention that was held in San Diego.