1 March 2020: Electrics Completed

It’s been a long time coming…the Electrics Module is finally completed and has been installed into Electric Chair #1.  It fits right in.  Nice to be able to work on this entire assembly while it is on the bench…and then to be able to easily install.

There are some tweaks needed to the interface between the Drive Frame and the automata proper…but this was to be expected.  Being under power things are much easier to troubleshoot.  I suspect that within a week or two I will consider the “machine” part of the project to be done and will begin disassembly and paint.

The Corona Virus continues to spread around the world.  China is struggling to get back to work.  Meanwhile, the 3D printer that I’ve been interested in has increased in price by about $60 (on Amazon).  Chinese produced.  Oh well.

The Democratic Party continues to be fragmented. They are in the stage right now where they beat each other up.  So sad…the process. 

This is the completed Electrics module


18 February 2020:  The Electrics Module

I’m closing in on the end of the build.  Not much more left to create before I disassemble, paint, and then reassemble so that a story is told.

At this time I’m working on the Electrics Module.  It is this module that will contain everything that is electric with the exception of 1 microswitch.  One module.  The electrics module contains the motor, a push button, a DPDT toggle switch, and a circuit breaker.  The microswitch is not in the module, rather it is mounted at the other end of the automata.  I am creating it such that it would be very difficult for someone to accidentally touch a hot wire.

In the image you see the beginning of the Electrics Module.  The motor is mounted and it hangs from two transverse shafts.  

On the 3D printing front…I am working with TinkerCad, Fusion 360, and Blender.  There is a learning curve associated with each program.  Before I order the printer I want to know for a fact that I can work with the bipeds.  Apparently I’ll be working in a mesh, or T Splined environment.  Once I know that I can manipulate the bipeds in software I’ll order my machine.

Looking out at the world right now it is the Corona Virus that is speaking loudly.  This is a virus that started in China and that is migrating around the world.  Many things are being touched (not including people).  For example, Disney has shut indefinitely two theme parks in Asia.  Container shipping is affected.  We went to the vet today and I asked her if the virus was affecting her…it is…she gets many of her fluids from China.  So she is ordering heavy at the moment.  We order from an awards supplier (our name tag magnets).  We received an email from them yesterday warning that there could be shortages.

No one knows right now, except our President.  He says it will go away by itself.

I’m wondering if this is the one that will take out humanity.  Who knows?  I don’t.  

On a personal front, we feel comfortable here….we don’t need to go anywhere…we have food on the shelves…we can stay away from other people.


The Electrics Module is taking shape.


4 February 2020, Pulsing and 3D Printing

The campak now includes 5 cams, with the most recent being the cam that turns on the pulsing.  One of the features of this automata will be the convict ‘shaking’ while he is being electrocuted.  I’ve played with the idea in my mind for months and have just recently built two versions of the pulsing mechanism, the second of which seems to be what I want.

I attended a Miniature Show in Del Mar this past weekend and found a doll seamstress who is willing to sew the outfits for both the convict and the guard.  Good news.  I was sort of dreading doing the clothing myself.

I’ve immersed myself into 3D Printer prepurchase activity.  I looked at 3D printing three or four years ago and was not compelled to move into the field.  3D printing has done a lot of maturation in the last few years and I now feel that it is time.  I had been lusting for a miniature lathe and mill.  When I carefully consider what I would be creating I find that a 3D printer is better suited to my needs.

Critical to 3D printing are the ‘filaments’ that are used.  I was pleased to note that in addition to purchasing strong stable filament (for gears, pulleys, etc.) I can also obtain filament that is wood, copper, brass, aluminum, and bronze based.  These last specialty filaments all contain PLA also…none of them are pure material.  But for my purposes, I feel that they will be useful.  

A primary use for me will be biped printing.  The bipeds are 11″ or so tall so I need a printer capable of that height.  At this time I’m considering a delta style printer, a FLSUN QQ S,  It looks like an interesting and capable printer that is receiving good reviews.  So for example, instead of needing to copper leaf my bipeds, I should be able to simply print them using the copper filament.

As I do this research I continue to be thankful for the Internet and for all of the information that is available to me (us).  What would have been so difficult that I perhaps would not have done it is now relatively easy.  One of the things that I love is the fact that I can access the writing of so many people…so many thoughts and opinions.  We are very rich right now.

Five of the six cams have been cut.