9 January 2020, The Cams are going in…

Happy New Year everyone.  Time sure goes fast as I get older.  Time seems to be flying.

My brother is going to have open heart surgery next Monday.  Imagine that.  They are going to open his heart and repair it.  What an age we live in!  And then there are some of us who create these little cranky machines that we hope might make someone smile.  There is lots of breadth and depth to life.

Regarding the Electric Chair #1, I’ve made two decisions that I’m very pleased with:

  1. I wanted the top (the automata proper) to be removable from the bottom (the Drive Frame).
  2. I wanted to be able to easily remove and replace the CamPak.

In hindsight…I’m glad that I made these two decisions.  The build is going well.  I’m in the finicky stage of the build…the part where I actually make the things that move…move.  This is the time to ‘take your time’, to go slow and lovingly, to care about every little detail.  Proper motion is so important.  Improper motion seems to sort of wreck things.

Our President continues to stress me out.  I feel guilty because I am trying to just “shut it all out”.  I know that’s wrong to do.  But it eats me up inside if I think much about it.

The Cams are being installed into Electric Chair #1