20 December 2019: A Mess

Automata don’t build themselves.  The creation process is not always neat and tidy.

Here you see me in the final stages of completing the pulleys for Electric Chair #1.  These large pulley assemblies will be dropping the 60 rpm speed of the first shaft to 1 rpm, which is the speed required by the campak.

It seems to me that if you look at how things are arranged that you can (correctly) deduce that I am left handed. Near the top at the center is a Google Nest Mini…a speaker that I use to read audio books with while I work. 

To the left of that speaker is a stack of cocktail napkins.  I used to use paper towels but I find it much easier to use these small cocktail napkins…they help keep my creations, my workbench, and my clothes, clean.

To the left of the cocktail napkins are my sanding sticks.  I purchased these from the beauty shop that my wife uses.  The sticks that I like the most have 100 grit on one side and 180 on the other.  They cost about $.75 each and last me 3-5 weeks.  I love these little sanding sticks.

The big pulleys have taken me two days to create.  Part of that time was spent building a sanding tool…one that helps me sand the disks perfectly round on my disc sander.

Making a mess is part of the process.