11 December 2019: Random

I came across a scientific article the other day…a portion of which has stuck with me.  In essence the article said that scientists say that “all is random”.  ALL IS RANDOM.  I get it.  I don’t have a problem with the statement.  It makes good sense to me.

And then I step back and realize that naturally ‘all is random’ and yet humans are trying to organize it.  It seems such a futile task to me.  For example…what is ‘sanity’?  If everything is random you would expect the definition of ‘sanity’ to change over time.   What is a desired government?  Again, you would expect the definition to change over time.  Is there a God?  Perhaps at times.  And then not.

I worry about this because I am constantly wondering if I am living my life the way I should be.  Am I doing it right?  And when the concept of “all is random” is thrown in…it causes a bit of a dust up.

So I am walking around these days looking at things that don’t make sense to me and I repeat the phrase “all is random”.  It makes me feel better.

To be honest though, thinking that all is random is not making life any better.  Life is not richer.  But perhaps it is just a tiny bit more understandable.