2 December 2019: Progress continues, Styles

I had to slack off my automata creation efforts for just a bit last week…had a project for a customer that I needed to get done.

Automata Styles:  I’ve been giving this topic thought recently.  It’s hard to not compare yourself to others.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Fran├žois Junod I am not.  This guy creates amazing automata.  I envy his abilities.  My understanding is that he has training as a watchmaker.  I am very impressed with his ideas and craftsmanship. But I’m not him
  • Paul Spooner I am not.  I admire the way that Paul can let his imagination loose…at the frivolity that he is able to build into his automata.  His craftsmanship is excellent…and his ideas well executed.  But I’m not him.
  • Keith Newstead I am not. Here is another automatist that I greatly admire.  I love his ideas and the way that he executes them.  I love his whimsey. But I’m not him.

I could go on and on…bottom line though, is that I don’t create automata like anyone else (I don’t think).  I have my own ideas…and I create in my own way.  We automatists are all different…I love that about this ‘sport’.  We are all different.  There are no rules.  There is no ‘wrong’.

The image is of the back side of the Electric Chair wall, the one that contains the clock.  The clock needs to advance just 1 minute.  The minute is the difference between life and death.

The backside of the Electric Chair wall clock…before the back panel is glued into place.