27 November 2019: The Red Telephone

As I continue with Electric Chair #1 I have needed to identify the small details and the timeline.

One of the small details that is required is a red telephone.  If there is to be a ‘pardon’ the executioner needs to be able to be communicated with.

Spoiler Alert: In this particular case the Red Telephone is going to ring after the execution.  Too bad, so sad.

I’ve also got 1/2 of the shake mechanism created.  I think it’s going to work well.  And a side benefit is that the shake mechanism is going to be able to be used to ring the Red Telephone.

Initially I thought that I was going to need to purchase a small telephone…however by using my drill press as a wood lathe I was able to create a reasonable little phone.  Now I need to paint it red and then weather it.    And it needs a cord.                                     

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  A fake holiday…but if you can get around it’s fakeness and focus instead on being thankful for what we do have I know that I have a lot to be thankful for…and I am.  I’m very grateful for the life that I am able to lead.                                                                                                                                                                     


The ‘not yet red’ telephone for the Electric Chair.