27 October 2019, The Electric Chair

Sometimes I drive a project, and sometimes a project drives me.  The Electric Chair is driving me right now.

I am enjoying the process of being creative…of having the right materials at hand so that I can move forward relatively quickly…and I am enjoying discussing this Electric Chair automata with others.  The reaction that I get from people is interesting.  Some ask me if Trump being our President is driving this effort.  I’ll admit that I’m not being driven by Trump consciously…but unconsciously…who knows.  I am extremely dissatisfied and frustrated with US Politics right now.  Extremely.  I wish folks could be honorable and keep their eyes on the important balls.

I’m in a good position right now with supplies being in stock in my studio.  I’ve got things working pretty smoothly in terms of reordering things…of having things that I need to have.  And I am working more efficiently in terms of time…not sure why.  My hands simply seem to be working better.  My hands seem to be creating better.

I ordered a couple of motors from China about three weeks ago.  They finally arrived this afternoon.  I’ll be able to place one of them into the Inclined Slide #1 test stand so that I can get this test stand working properly.

The Electric Chair is Taking Shape