15 September 2019, Test Stand & It’s HOT!

Inclined Slide #1 is moving along nicely.  Pictured is the biped test stand…still being developed.  When I create an automata that I know will be  #1 of a series I always build a test stand for the biped.  This allows me to create good reliable geometry…and then to ensure that each additional biped that is created for the series is properly hinged and configured.  The test stand will be motorized which allows me to “burn in” each biped…cycling it through thousands of cycles before installing it onto it’s automata.
The Inclined Slide Project Sheet is here.

Big Wheel Lift #1 has again accompanied me when I play my street organ.  The power pack that I purchased is working very well…and the automata continues to attract attention and conversation about automata.  Big Wheel Lift #1 has cycled more than 23,000 marbles and does not drop any of them.  It’s nice having the new case.
The Big Wheel Lift Project Sheet is here.

Things went slowly today.  The temperature exceeded 100°f so I took a nap in the middle of the day.  What a treat!  I’m feeling refreshed as I type this.  I simply couldn’t move faster than a snail when it was so hot.

The Inclined Slide Test Stand on it’s way to completion.