4 April 2019
The power unit is the focus
Big Wheel Lift #1

These weeks I’ve got two projects on my workbench, A Sunday Drive and Big Wheel Lift #1.  Also, in the back of my mind, I want to write a quick article about some of my online suppliers.

Big Wheel Lift #1 has been the active working focus.  At the present time I am focused on creating the assembly that the biped will operate which in turn will power the big wheel lift.  The build is coming along nicely.  In the image to the right you see the two biped elbows.  I’m using a beautiful acoustically tanned leather…remnants from the bellows of the organ that I am building.  I’m waiting for the motor to arrive (it’s late).  The test module that I am building will put the biped and the mechanics through thousands of test cycles…so that I can know that the build will be solid and reliable.  The Big Wheel Lift #1 Project Sheet can be seen here.

A Sunday Drive has been the active ‘thinking’ focus.  At the top of my thinking process is how to have scenery scroll by as the car rolls down the road.  I think I’ve got a solution…will know more next week.  The A Sunday Drive Project Sheet can be seen here.

The biped elbows are a nice thick leather.